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Avoiding a DUI Arrest in Knoxville This Thanksgiving

November 24, 2014

Tennessee State troopers know that the vast majority of drivers on Thanksgiving are either on their way to or from a celebration where there is alcohol. Each Fourth of July, Labor Day, New Years Eve, and Thanksgiving, local and state police are out in force to arrest drunk drivers. You may have noticed red ribbons on Tennessee Highway Patrol vehicles during the holidays last year. That was part of their “Tie One On for Safety” campaign to stop drunk driving last holiday season. This year, you may not see red ribbons, but you will see officers patrolling the city streets at all hours of the day and night.

What should you expect this Thanksgiving? Officers will be out in force looking for signs of intoxication. Over the 96-hour Labor Day holiday period this year, the Tennessee Highway Patrol arrested 56 individuals on suspicion of impaired driving in just nine counties. Over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend in 2012, Tennessee state troopers issued 625 citations including 17 DUIs just in Washington County.

When driving this Thanksgiving, make every effort to avoid a costly DUI arrest. If you have had anything to drink, you should have someone else drive. Officers will not care how long ago it was you drank or whether or not you feel sober. If there is alcohol in your system, you will likely face charges.

You can also reduce your chances of being arrested on suspicion of impaired driving this Thanksgiving by:

  • Obeying the speed limit. Driving too fast or too slow is one of many indicators of impairment.
  • Stay in your lane. Officers are on the look out for drivers who are swerving, drifting and quickly changing lanes.
  • Act normally if you approach a checkpoint. If you are near a DUI checkpoint, do not pull a U-turn or speed away. Simply pull up normally, do not speak unless spoken to and remain calm.
  • Use a designated driver or call a cab. Your future is too important to risk driving when under the influence.

If you are arrested this Thanksgiving in Tennessee, do not hesitate to speak with a DUI defense attorney who will carefully review your case. You may be able to fight the charges or have the penalties significantly reduced.