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Programs Available to Help Knoxville Addicts Turn Their Lives Around

June 12, 2015

Drug and alcohol abuse can greatly affect the lives of not only the abusers, but those who are close to them as well. These issues can be financially, legally, and emotionally straining, and often times, it can feel like there is no hope for recovery. The good news is that there are people and programs that are waiting to help anyone in this situation. One Knoxville woman is a living testament to this; she turned a 16-year nightmare into a steady job and a growing relationship with her children all thanks to a program designed to help addicts.

This woman abused drugs and alcohol for 16 years, and struggled greatly along the way. She couldn’t stay sober on her own, no matter how much she tried. These failed attempts landed her behind bars time and time again- even costing her custody of her two children in the process. Things had gotten to such a level that she had accepted that she would die because of her addictions. In 2012, she made a last ditch effort at sobriety, but instead of using her own devices, she reached out to Agape, a program designed for women who had chemical dependencies. The woman took part in a 7-month program that changed her life. In addition to tackling her addictions, she learned valuable life lessons as well.

Today, the woman is doing incredibly well. She has a car, a home, and money to spend, thanks to her house manager and admissions coordinator position at Agape- the same place that saved her life. However, the most important thing she gained was a better relationship with her children. She was just able to spend Mother’s Day with her them- and they’re making plans to move in with her.

This woman’s story is an inspiring tale of just how far a little bit of help can go. If you or someone you love struggles with substance abuse, programs like Agape are intended for people who are unable to overcome their addictions by themselves. Drugs are highly illegal, and in addition to physical and emotional pain to yourself and/or others, these vices can get you in very serious legal trouble. With legal representation, a knowledgeable attorney can fight for your case- and this can expedite the recovery process greatly. Call the criminal defense attorneys at Baker Associates in Knoxville today if you’re in need of legal expertise.