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Truck Driver Gets Prison Sentence After DUI Crash

June 11, 2014

A 41-year-old Tennessee man will serve between seven and 20 years in state prison after pleading no contest to two counts of aggravated assault for driving under the influence (DUI). According to a news report in Public Opinion Local News, he was sentenced at Franklin County Courthouse in connection with an accident that occurred back on November 19, 2013. Officials say he was driving a tractor-trailer while under the influence of peppermint schnapps when his rig struck two cars that were parked on the shoulder. The driver allegedly agreed to accept responsibility for the crash but then unsuccessfully attempted to withdraw his no contest plea.

You will not only face drunk driving charges if you are involved in an alcohol-related injury accident. The prosecution will likely file a number of different charges that all carry significant consequences. For example, if you seriously injured or killed someone while driving, you could face vehicular assault charges.

Vehicular assault is a Class D Felony that involves serious injury to another person by a DUI driver. It is punishable by jail time between two and 12 years and a license revocation period of up to five years. Aggravated vehicular assault while driving intoxicated is a Class A felony that carries even more severe penalties. It is typically reserved for drivers that have two or more prior DUI convictions or one prior vehicular homicide.

The charges you could face after being arrested for DUI will depend on:

  • Your criminal record.
  • If you injured or killed someone while driving.
  • If your blood-alcohol concentration was .20 percent or greater.
  • If you refused a blood test.
  • If you endangered a child under the age of 13.

It is important to remember that being arrested or even charged with a crime is not the same thing as being convicted. You have the right to ask for an attorney and to fight the charges. You even have the right to remain silent when asked questions about your case. Before you make any decisions that affect your case, ask to speak to an experienced Knoxville DUI defense attorney before you talk to the authorities. What you say or do can and will be used against you.