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Business Consulting

Baker Associates was founded in the spirit of entrepreneurship. Our partner and founder Joe Baker is an incredibly successful businessman and wishes to help other like minded individuals in Tennessee to grow their businesses.

When starting a new business there are many variables to consider. You need to determine what type of entity you want to create and think about how to best protect any intellectual property the business may have. Our team of dedicated attorneys is here to help you turn your idea into a profitable venture. You bring the imagination to the table and we will take care of the rest.

Entity Formation

It can be cumbersome and confusing to create the entity that will best protect your interests. There are several to choose from and each comes with different requirements and forms that must be filed. Additionally, your entity may require an operating agreement or bylaws and a basic template from the internet may not adequately represent or protect your business.

Intellectual Property

Most businesses have some sport of intellectual property that must be protected. You may need a trademark to protect your brand and products or you may want to copyright the song you wrote. Intellectual property is an extremely complex area of the law and having an experienced attorney will ensure that your ideas and work are protected.

Privacy Policy

If your business has an online aspect, such as online merchandise sales, it may be beneficial to have a strong privacy policy. Some states and platforms require a policy, but even if it is not required, having a privacy policy signals to your customers that you are transparent about how you handle their data.

Contract Review

We will also review, revise, and improve any contracts you may have. If you decide to download a template from the internet, we can tailor it to better suit your needs. Alternatively, if you are sent a contract from another party and you would like a lawyer to review it, we can help with that as well.

Whatever hurdle you may encounter with your business, our attorneys will help you clear it. Contact Baker Associates today for a consultation.