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The Digital Age presents an entire host of new issues in the legal field and the laws are changing as the courts and legislatures attempt to catch up to our rapidly evolving world. With this legal evolution comes yet another realm in which people can be prosecuted or subject to civil liability for their actions.

In terms of business, it is important that you minimize the risk that comes with collecting personal data. Privacy policies are immensely important to put consumers on notice of how and what your business, or your business’s website, is doing with any personal data that is being collected. If you have clients in the European Union or in California, you may have to abide by stringent privacy laws.

In the criminal realm, the law is attempting to provide greater protections and safeguards for people with regards to advancing technology. For example, there is a growing body of law surrounding drones. Even if you are not flying your drone to spy on your attractive neighbor, you could be violating state or federal law simply by flying the drone where you are not allowed.

It is beneficial to hire a legal team that is proactively staying abreast of these developments so as to give you up to date and accurate legal representation. At Baker Associates, we pride ourselves on bringing innovation to the practice of law and we look forward to assisting you with your cyber and technology needs. Contact our Nashville office today if you are charged with a cyber crime or require privacy consulting.