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Effective Assistance

“[T]he right to counsel is the right to the effective assistance of counsel.” McMann v. Richardson, 397 U.S. 759, 771 (1970.

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer cases are being litigated, and as a result many attorneys are hesitant to go to trial. People have a right to a jury trial in criminal cases and as defense attorneys it is our duty to uphold and execute that right to our greatest ability. Improve your practice and offer your clients the legal representation they deserve with effective assistance from Baker Associates. Our trial attorneys have spent years cultivating their advocacy skills and our experience is now at your disposal in the form of a per diem litigation department.

For new attorneys or experienced attorneys who have never tried a case before, the thought of a jury trial can be downright terrifying. With a seasoned litigator from Baker Associates at your table, you will be able to tackle your first trial with confidence. We want our colleagues to gain substantive trial experience so that together we may raise the standard for defense attorneys.

For those who are seasoned trial attorneys, you may be confronted with different issues. Trying a case is expensive, time consuming, and intimidating. If you operate a busy solo practice, it will benefit you and your clients to have an extra set of eyes on the case and a team member who can shoulder some of the workload.

Our team is young, approachable, and eager. Not to mention a fresh perspective from former prosecutors will only improve your chances of winning.

Civil and Criminal Cases

Our legal team has experience litigating both criminal and civil cases.

Civil cases in particular can be difficult to effectively litigate without big firm resources and manpower. Securing experts, creating demonstratives and exhibits, and overall trial preparation is expensive and time consuming. We are offering a team of experienced trial attorneys for you to collaborate with and resources to enable a proper investigation and a winning case.

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If you are interested in our litigation consulting services please contact our Nashville office at (615) 422-6790.