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Litigation Consulting

If you are new to the practice of law or to litigation generally, the prospect of a jury trial is daunting. We want to help you gain substantive trial experience so that you may better serve your clients.

It is unlikely law school taught you how to take a case all the way from an arraignment to jury verdict, which is why having an experienced trial attorney at your table is so important. There is more to litigation than going to court and convincing a jury that your version of events is correct. You must start with a thorough investigation into the facts of the case, and while this is time consuming, it must be done well. This may involve contacting a private investigator or hunting down witnesses before formal discovery even begins.

Additionally, you need to be aware of the judge’s expectations for conducting business in that judge’s courtroom. It also helps to know the court staff because they can help things run more smoothly and may be able to answer some questions you have. Moreover, a collegial relationship with the district attorneys will only benefit your client. We can introduce you to the appropriate prosecutors for your case to facilitate that relationship.

Voir dire is another important aspect that is often overlooked and poorly executed. There is a level of strategy required and strong attorneys ask more than just the stock questions, such as “can you be neutral and fair?”. With our combined creativity we will help you craft questions and overall strategy so that you may effectively cull a good jury.

In addition to jury selection, we can assist you with finding strong and knowledgeable experts as well as qualifying the expert or conducting voir dire to challenge opposing counsel’s expert.

Exhibits may also be troublesome for inexperienced litigators. Knowing which exhibits to enter and how it will affect your case is a critical skill that comes from experience. Moreover, you need to have the gumption to force the government to authenticate all evidence they wish to admit. This is especially important when it comes to photographs, text messages, or any evidence obtained from the internet or cell phones. Too often the government is just allowed to admit evidence without satisfying the evidentiary requirements.

Lastly, the most important skill that a new attorney must cultivate is creating a record for appeal. If not done properly, your client’s ability to secure a favorable ruling will be destroyed.

Provide your client with the legal representation they deserve. Embrace and assert their right to a jury trial and call Baker Associates for effective assistance at (615) 422-6790.