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Litigation Partners

At Baker Associates we are a forward thinking firm who wishes to collaborate with you. We want to give every solo practitioner the opportunity to be successful at the jury trial level, regardless of the amount of trial experience that you have. We believe in teamwork, and that each person can bring something unique to the table.

Even if you have tried hundreds of cases, you still may be looking for help on this particular case. Whether it is that you think having a woman on the team would be beneficial in front of a jury, you need the energy of a young lawyer to refresh your case and connect to certain jurors, or you have such a large caseload that a jury trial is too burdensome. Whatever your reason, we are here to assist.

We Are Your Trial Resource

With experienced attorneys who have tried everything from double homicides down to DUIs, we are not afraid to go to trial, and we look forward to assisting you in getting the best possible result for your client. We are energetic, always prepared, and committed to success. There is no better feeling than hearing the jury say your client is “Not Guilty,” so let us, and our resources, help you get your client to that point.

Some of our resources include our in-house research and writing attorney, a paralegal with almost two decades of experience in criminal law, attorneys who are former prosecutors with years of experience working with MNPD, TBI, and private investigators. We can assist in crafting creative jury selection tactics in addition to helping you select, and possibly retain, your experts.

We are devoted to the practice of law and have an absolute passion for litigation. Partner with a trial attorney from Baker Associates to give your client the best possible chance of a favorable verdict.